Contributions are welcome!

The repository is hosted at


On Debian or Ubuntu systems, the OpenLDAP slapd binary usage might be restricted by apparmor, and thus makes the tests and the demo fail. This can be mitigated by removing apparmor restrictions on slapd.

sudo apt install --yes apparmor-utils
sudo aa-complain /usr/sbin/slapd

Unit tests

To run the tests, you just need to run tox. Everything must be green before patches get merged.


We use black to format our code. Please apply black on your patches before submiting them.

Development environment

python3 compile_catalog
cd demo
./ # or `docker-compose up` to run it with docker

Then you have access to:

The canaille server has some default users:

  • A regular user which login and password are user;

  • A moderator user which login and password are moderator;

  • An admin user which admin and password are admin.


The documentation is generated when the tests run:

tox -e doc

The generated documentation is in ./build/sphinx/html/ directory.